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Assessment of Your Organizational Recruitment and Retention Strategies

How do you link your business development and expansion plans with your nursing resources?

Does your nursing organization have hard data to determine how dollars are spent?

Most facilities have no data or tracking of retention or recruitment activities.

Need benchmarking to monitor successes

What is your infrastructure for Retention and recruitment?

Who owns these processes? Data? Dollars? Human Resources? Nursing?


- Is there a recruiter?
- Is the recruiter proactively targeting RNs or simply processing nursing applicants?
- Are you tracking how and where you recruit nurses?
- How are you spending your nursing recruitment dollars? Ads? Career fairs? ..Giveaways?
- How many nurses have you recruited from these methods?
- Where are you advertising?
- How many RNs are you recruiting from each strategy?
- Do you have a new grad orientation program?
- Do you have an RN residency?
- Are you visiting local nursing schools?
- Do you host a new grad event for recruitment?
- Do you have a web site?
- How many nurses have you hired from that site?
- Do you advertise on other sites e.g. monster.com?
- How many RNs have you hired that way?
- What is your net recruitment number hired vs. resigned/retired?
- Do you have an on-the-spot interview strategy for experienced nurses who ,,apply/appear?
- Do you have a defined and tracked procedure for getting back to interested ..applicants?
- Do you have a nursing school partnership?  
- How many dollars have you spent per nurse you have hired?
- How many nurses have you hired?
- Do you put your employees through nursing programs e.g. grow your own?
- How much do you spend per employee?
- How many graduate the program? How many quit the program? Why did they leave - ..the program?
- How long do they stay after they complete the program?
- How does your recruitment strategy intersect with your business development and ..strategic planning e.g. how will you have the nurses you need to implement a new ..program?
- How many more nurses will you need? How will you find them?
- Do you have a 2 year and 5 year recruitment strategic plan?
- Do you have a program to recruit successful registry and travelers as employees?


- Who owns process? Data? Dollars?
- Do you have an R/R committee?
- Do you use the shared governance model?
- Do units self schedule?
- Do you use employee satisfaction surveys?
- How do you disseminate the results of the survey?
- Do you have formal leadership training for managers?
- Do you have formal preceptors or program?
- Do you train your preceptors?
- Do you pay for preceptors?
- Do you use clinical staff as clinical faculty for nursing students?
- What kind of arrangement do you have with your nursing schools for faculty?
- Do you pay experienced nurses to oversee students? New staff?
- Do you offer split or short shifts for older nurses?
- Do you have hot spotters? Resource nurses for crisis management? Break nurses?
- Do you know where your oldest nurses are? What is their average age?
- What units have the oldest nurses?
- What is the average age of your nurses hired in the past 5 years?
- What is your RN turnover for all nurses?
- What is your RN turnover for new grads at 12 months, 24 months after graduation?
- Do you have an RN residency?
- What is your formal nursing and general orientation length?
- How long is your new grad program/orientation?
- Do you use mentors/buddies for new nurses?
- Do you have a formal mentor program?
- Do you pay mentors?
- Do you train mentors?
- How long do they have a buddy?
- Do you use buddies for RNs who transfer to new departments?
- Do you track units where nurses transfer to? From?
- What piece of retention do nurse managers own? HR? Nursing admin?
- Do you have an in house float pool? In house registry?
- What is your percentage of usage of registry and travelers of your nursing budget?
- How much of your patient population is cared for by registry/travelers?
- Which units use the most registry/travelers?
- If you are unionized, what are the labor union efforts toward retention?
- What do you offer aging RNs who are no longer able to perform bedside nursing?
- Do you have a formal pension plan besides individual 401 Ks? A DROP plan?
- Do you have a retention coordinator who meets with nurses who resign or retire to ,,try to keep them employed?
- If you are part of a hospital system, do you have a corporate retention strategy?

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