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Career Coaching

In the Healthcare Career Division, our clients work with Dr. Odegaard Turner on areas such as healthcare career choices, healthcare education requirements, healthcare career growth/development and healthcare career transition. As the former healthcare career expert for Monster.com, Dr. Odegaard Turner asks the right questions to have you effectively identify your healthcare career goals, potential barriers and do critical fact finding.

She can help you determine what healthcare career path you are most passionate about, as well as assist you in linking past work experiences into a well balanced heatlhcare career toolkit. Dr. Odegaard Turner can assist you if you are ready to "slow down", if you have been downsized or laid off, or need help marketing yourself to potential healthcare employers.

Susan Odegaard Turner's new book titled Healthcare Career Guide will help you at all phases of your healthcare career. It focuses on general healthcare career skills, and deals with complicated issues like layoff and transition. There are numerous self assessment tools for you to assess your individual healthcare career process. Susan Odegaard Turner served as the Healthcare Career Expert at Monster.com for over 5 years, and is a internationally known healthcare speaker and author. This healthcare career guide addresses all the questions readers have about entering the healthcare field.

Client Testimonials

"I was seeking a mentor who could assist me with structuring a new route into a BSN program. Susan Odegaard Turner provided me with a coach who could accommodate all of my needs. Not only was Susan able to suggest appropriate schools that would fit my qualifications, but she also assisted me in building a nursing oriented resume, finding alternate paths into a BSN program (e.g. LVN to RN to BSN), and locating scholarships to fund my education. Susan was an indispensable resource for me while applying to nursing school, providing me with the confidence to persevere through the research and application process. Now, as I begin attending CSU Sacramento's BSN Program in the Spring of 2012, I thank my coach and mentor Susan for helping me get here."

Ric Molina

"I met Susan Odegaard Turner early in my career. Susan recognized my skills and gave me an opportunity to be cross-trained as a Neuro Diagnostic Technician. Susan coached me frequently, allowing me time to discuss fears and questions with her. Susan always listened to me and made me feel that she had my back and believed in my ability even though I had self doubt. One thing that Susan said to me made me more confident She said, "Always put the patient first when faced with making what might be a 'critical' decision". "If you put the patient first, you will most likely make the right choice or decision."

Because of this mentoring I went on to become a skilled Neuro Diagnostic Tech and later a supervisor over multiple areas . My management style was based on years of mentoring and feedback from Susan. Susan continues to mentor me and support me 25 plus years later. To coin a phrase from Oprah Winfrey; I feel that I have been a student in Susan Odegaard Turner's "Master Class".

-Ronald Gutierrez


Tips for making the most of your career appointment:

1. Write down your questions ahead of time
2. Be prepared to discuss your long and short term goals
3. Be prepared to discuss and describe your past educational efforts and results
4. Be prepared to discuss your current and past employment experience and results
5. Identify any career passion or area you would like to explore


- There are career support packages available, as well as group pricing for companies.
- Student discounts and scholarships available on an individual basis.

Please call us for pricing info at: (805) 409-7550

Disclaimer: Individual career counseling provided by Turner Healthcare Associates, Inc. is provided as an interactive dialog surrounding career goals, education, training, interests and support. It is not intended to be personally therapeutic in nature. Career counseling does not replace therapeutic intervention, crisis management, psychological counseling or mental health care.

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