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We Are The Leading Consultant For Correctional Healthcare in Tehachapi.


Turner Healthcare provides consulting services in Tehachapi to prisons and correctional insitutions to meet correctional healthcare needs during prison realignment in Tehachapi. This includes correctional healthcare assistance with transitioning inmates from state prison to city and county jails due to recent court rulings on overcrowding. These transitioning inmates require correctional healthcare services and local facilities may be unprepared to meet the inmates needs during prison realignment in Tehachapi.

Our correctional healthcare consulting staff in Tehachapi has extensive experience in correctional healthcare environments, and sees the importance in evaluating and developing better correctional healthcare services throughout the Tehachapi prison system during prison realignment.

The services we provide include:

• Evaluation of existing Tehachapi correctional healthcare services for medical, dental and mental healthcare during prison realignment

• Policy and procedure development for correctional healthcare in Tehachapi to ensure compliance with state and federal court mandates during prison realignment

• Correctional healthcare quality improvement program development and implementation during prison realignment in Tehachapi

• Staff education and train the trainer services provided for any correctional healthcare program changes or newly implemented correctional healthcare systems during prison realignment in Tehachapi

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