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Susan Odegaard-Turner is the leading Keynote Speaker
in California on Nursing and Healthcare Issues.


Susan Odegaar-Turner has been delivering Keynote Speeches for public and private companies, organizations, and universities in California on a wide range of Healthcare Issues. She has a vast experience in the field of public speaking and healthcare, and is the author of several books and articles relating to nursing, healthcare, nursing retention, strategic planning, conflict management, healthcare education, career advice, group facilitation. Some of her past speeches include:

• "Stand Out or Lose Out!: Survival Strategies for Nurses in the Twenty-First Century"
• "Playing The Transition Game!"
• "Managing Transition: Strategies For The Future"
• "Help, I'm a New Grad and I Can't Find a Nursing Job!"
• "Marketing Yourself in the 2000's: A Program for Nurses"
• "Career Improvement: Tools for Building Success"
• "Career in Transition: Survivng Turbulent Times"
• "How to be a Nurse Entrepreneur"

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